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How It All Started


To help people design the unique space they envisioned by providing specialized painting services and superior handy work. Give us your vision and we will create the perfect work.

The Founder's Story

Hello, I am Timothy Gaines, Jr.  the president and CEO of Your Vision My Design LLC. I started this interior/exterior painting business in April 2019. I was excelling at that time when a traumatic motorcycle accident caused me to lose my right leg. I didn’t allow that to stop me.After 6-months to a year of healing, I got right back to business . I was motivated to continue the work I started, provide for my children as a single father, and to do something I enjoy. Whether you want your home or business painted, we’ll take care of the job with perfectionist and quality talent. We put a lot of thought and effort into what we do.Feel free to contact me for your next project by emailing

"Winners Never Quit"

Timothy Gaines Jr.


I'm continuing to push forward after a traumatic motorcycle accident that changed my life to show my children that if you keep working hard no matter what, it WILL pay off. The people who win in life and business are those who don't quit.

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